The story behind The Darwin Sect

” Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee “

- Mohamed Ali -

It all started with a small entomological collection. The specimens were bought in a small aquarium shop, Rue de la Vierge Noir in Brussels, not far from my home where I used to go for my Siamese fighting fish.

I had never started a collection before, but I have always been interested in Nature and Science since I was a child. I couldn’t have imagined where buying my first specimen would take me.

I started to fill my first entomological box by buying my specimens one by one, depending on my budget at the time. One day, sitting in a park with Florence Samain, my partner, we discovered a big, dead bumblebee. It was intact and so beautiful that one would have thought it was still alive.

In Sect We Trust

The vibrant colour of its fur, it’s big, beady eyes with its thousand hexagonal facets, was such a treat for the eyes. We were amazed that so much beauty and perfection could be represented in such a small being.

It clearly deserved its place in our entomological collection of exotic insects.

That was the beginning of the essence of The Darwin Sect is: giving eternal life to nature’s perfect creatures.

– The Darwin Sect –


More stories soon … 

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