Morpho didius

Everybody want one glass globe with the incredible blue Morpho from Peru. Blue is a very rare colour for Animals and it is not made by pigments but create by nanostructures that reflect light like prisms do.

Goliathus orientalis

This amazing coleoptera is a very huge specimen from RDC (Congo). The Goliathus orientalis can fly and it can pass through your windshield if you cross its path.

Chrysophora chrysochlora

Morpho didius

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Morpho didius

Can be deliver all around the world!

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Due to the current pandemic, we are only able to deliver you our Morpho Didius globes within a reasonable timeframe. Our Blue Morpho glass dome are ready to be deliver all around the world.
You can of course make special orders but please bear in mind that delivery will take one month minimum.
In that case, please don’t hesitate to browse through our two collections for inspiration. Thank you for your understanding.


The Darwin Sect

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