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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

We have a video that will explain you how to feed your jellyfish in the Darwin Tank.

The jellyfish can be feed with 3 kinds of nutriment :

1/ dry food
2/ frozen food
3/ alive food

If you still have any questions do not hesitate to email us at
It will be a pleasure to answer you.

You have two main reasons to get inside the Darwin Tank. The first one is for putting your new jellyfish inside the tank. And the second reason will be for cleaning your tank once a month. Here is a video that will show you the steps to open your Darwin Tank :


Because the Darwin Tank is a totally closed tank the water need to be oxygenated some where else. For that we added another small tank where te water is oxygenated befor being inject in the IN pipe of the Darwin Tank.

Here is a video to show you how does it work :

To maintain your jellyfish you will have to :

  • Feed the jellyfish minimum 1 x day = 2 min with dry food 10 min with alive Artemia
  • Clean the bottom of the tank with the magnet cleaner 1 x day = 2 min
  • Clean inside the tank 1 x week = 20 min
  • Change 10% of the water 1 x week = 5 min
  • Clean the filter 1 x 2 months = 15 min

The Aurelia aurita species can live around a year in the sea or in the tank. Most of the species for aquarium can live 1 year. The species Leptmedusae Aequoreidae can live 2 years and Chrysaora achlyos 20 years.

Jellyfish have no central nervous system i.e. they have no brain and are not aware of them selves or their surroundings. In this way it makes sense to think of jellies as being more like plants than fish. If the aquarium you keep the jellies in does a good enough job of replicating the jellyfish’s natural environment (good water quality, no sharp edges or surfaces which they can damage them selves on) then there is no reason to believe your jellyfish will even know they are not in the ocean. Keeping jellyfish in an aquarium is no crueler than keeping a plant in a plant pot. In the wild mortality rates are exceedingly high with only a few jellies in every thousand reaching maturity due to natural predation and beaching. In an aquarium jellyfish are not at risk of these problems and have been known to live for up to double the lifespan of their wild counterparts.


The Darwin Tank is build in Boro 3.3 and need a very hot hooven. This special hooven can hold a certain amount of globes so the production is limited each month. Due to the fulgurant success of the Darwin Tank the delivery time can be between 2 weeks and 2 months.
For that reasons the stock mentioned the product that will be delivered within the 2 months and we indicate the last day we estimate we will send the last piece. Right now we are able to produce 50 pieces each 6 weeks.

With time we will be able to deliver in a shorter time. Thanks for your comprehension.