Frog Purse


Purse in genuine Rhinella Marina leather.


KOBJA is a unique collection of fashion accessories for men and women, created and developed by Monika Jarosz. Each piece is unique, handcrafted in their Parisian workshop. The features, size and singularity can vary from one frog to another. Fabrication requires a long manufacturing process and no less than 17 steps. Eco-friendly, Kobja works with associations of animal welfare, which hunt this species of amphibian, because today it unbalances all Oceanian fauna and flora..

It took many months of research, fine-tuning and testing to “give birth” to her first collection of KOBJA accessories. Monika only works with complete toad skins*, which, once recovered, are tanned and transformed by taxidermists, using a unique, detailed process.

The colours of the leather are produced at the tannery in France, while the assembly and fine stitching work are done at KOBJA’s Parisian workshop, a process which makes each piece totally unique. 


*Do something for the environment. This toad is harmful to the eco-system and is in the process of destroying several Oceanic species.
Since these problems began, animal defense associations have therefore recommended its selective elimination. It is a non-protected species, which was introduced into Oceania from South America. In this way, each skin is recycled, not destroyed.

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