The philosophy behind The Darwin Sect

” Reconnect to the real “

While some will watch the library burn down, we try to save the books. The biotopes that our society plunders can be compared to libraries full of books that have never been read before.

The biotopes and all the flora and fauna they contain are real centres of engineering. Most of the molecules in laboratories of different industries are taken directly from or inspired by Nature.

Each species is the fruit of millions of years of adaptation and conceals an infinite number of mechanisms and chemical processes that we would be well advised to imitate.

At the Darwin Sect, in addition to being fascinated by the teleonomy of each species, we admire the harmony of shapes and colours that have inspired many artists.

In Sect We Trust

It is from this observation that the Darwin Sect humbly claims to be the artistic agent of such a factory of creativity and innovation indispensable to humanity.

Humankind believes that they are endangering and damaging Nature while they are the ones putting themselves in peril. It would be wise and logical for us to be inspired by species that have been able to adapt, such as insects or jellyfish.

Did you know, for example, that jellyfish is the origin of 99.99% of the living species on our planet today? And yet it has been devoid of a brain for 650 million years.

It is thanks to all this that we keep our childlike soul, that we remain amazed in front of a colony of ants making their way between the twigs, as if the world of humans did not exist.

By acquiring one of our pieces you join us in becoming an ambassador for the species and you contribute to the preservation of its genetic heritage.

By exhibiting these creatures, whether designed or not by the Great Architect, we pay homage to the perfection of Nature, which far surpasses all human creation.

– The Darwin Sect – 


Reconnect to the real

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