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The Jellyfish Art is based in Florida. The first jellyfish exhibits opened in public aquariums several years ago when scientists first discovered how to display jellyfish in captivity using tanks with special water flow patterns.

These beautiful exhibits have been wildly popular and now jellyfish are found in virtually all the public aquariums. It was clear people absolutely loved to watch jellyfish, but nobody had made the necessary tanks and food to allow people to own them as pets.

After some tinkering and experimenting, Jellyfish Art started selling jellyfish tanks, food and jellyfish through a simple website. It was immediately apparent that people had been wanting their own jellyfish as they started purchasing jellyfish tanks. Jellyfish Art took off from there.


The Jellyfish Warehouse is based in North Carolina. It is the only retail company to sell live jellyfish and tanks on the east coast that is run by hobbyists, not businesspeople. We care about our jellyfish–and the customers they live with!

I've been keeping and breeding jellyfish for years. I started off breeding jellyfish to keep as pets. Since then, I have worked with varieties of jellyfish from all over the globe. I have taken my experience and used it to found this company. I don't want to sell low quality jellyfish or tanks!

Travis Brandwood, Owner


Jellyfish Concept, a company created in 2012 by Nicolas Cagnon and Matthieu Boizumault, two biologists specialized in marine life, wants to offer the opportunity for people to admire jellyfish at home.

Passionate about these animals for over 12 years, we decided to create the first jellyfish breeding farm in Europe. These jellyfish are intended for professionals, individuals and research institutes.

Jellyfish require special needs in the aquarium so that they develop normally. We offer different types of aquariums adapted to these fascinating animals and the products necessary for their maintenance.

We can also help you to develop your bespoke jellyfish aquariums projects (individuals, companies, architects, interior designers, hotels, restaurants, events …).

Jellyfish Concept has benefited of the support of Cité de la Mer in Cherbourg when created ( Thank you to its President Mr Bernard Cauvin, and all his staff for their help.


Un lugar donde comprar Acuarios para Medusas y medusas vivas: somos criadores. Ahora tener Medusas en casa es fácil.
Disfruta de propio acuario con medusas en sólo 2 días !

Ahora ya puedes tener en tu casa tu propio acuario con medusas. Sólo has de comprar el que más te guste, las medusas y seguir paso a paso unas sencillas instrucciones !


We are Jellyfish UK!

My name is Rory Fox and I’m the founder of this business I started mainly as a hobbyist that loves jellyfish but soon found other people keen to keep these fascinating pets !

However the cost of specialised equipment ,rarity of live stock and skills needed to keep jellyfish successfully put ownership beyond most enthusiasts.

But with an in house breeding program and the manufacture of feeds and tanks specifically for jellyfish it now is possible to own your own smack . Thats the correct term for a group of Jellies : )

We are based in the United Kingdom in Cumbria .

Thanks for having a look and we hope you find Jelly Love as well !!!

Jellyfish UK team!

If you have any questions concerning Jellyfish please feel free to email me directly at:


Welcome to!! We are happy to help you with anything to do with jellyfish and jellyfish aquariums.

We are one of the only suppliers of live pet jellyfish in Canada. Our warehouse is located in Toronto but we will ship anywhere in the country.

We carry a number of species of live jellyfish, including the popular Moon Jellyfish. As well, we stock a full line of equipment and supplies that jellyfish aquarists need along with some of the best jellyfish aquariums available.


We are proud to be the #1 Canadian supplier for Canadian Jellyfish.

Our jellyfish are caught from the pacific ocean in British Columbia.

We ship to all Canadian locations that can accept UPS or Puralator next day express service.

If you are not in a location with this service a UPS or Puralator pick up location is acceptable.

Hong Kong

Exotic Aquaculture is a Hong Kong based aquarium livestock company specializing in jellyfish. We supply the aquarium trade with a wide range of jellyfish species from common moon jellyfish to rare sea nettles.
We also supply equipment and food specifically designed to breed and grow jellyfish.